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ZAB’s Nephew Tariq Islam Met Bhutto in Jail| Role Of Global Powers In Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s Hanging

Which international power was behind Bhutto’s execution? What was Yasir Arafat’s message to Bhutto in his death cell?

Watch Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s nephew Tariq Islam

Tariq Islam described the demeanor of his favourite uncle, who he happened to be the last person to see before the immediate family. In March 1979 he got a message from Bhutto’s elder son Murtaza, asking him to come to London. Murtaza said, says Tariq Islam, please deliver two important messages to my father. One message was from Yasser Arafat and one was from Murtaza himself and Shahnawaz. According to Tariq Islam, Murtaza told him that they couldn’t trust anybody else to deliver the message but him since he was family and very close to ZAB.


Tariq reached Rawalpindi jail on Saturday, March 31, attired in a brand new suit. After a body search, he was taken down a long narrow path to the death cell.



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