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Suggesting A Citizens Accountability Bureau

In Pakistan the “silent majority of the lambs” awaiting slaughter, have been subjected to all kinds of deceptions that I recall over four decades of awareness on ‘political’ and ‘apolitical’ forces.

We the citizens have been taken for a glorious ride since 1971 when we got ‘liberated’ from the oppressive citizenry operational in our Eastern wing, to pursue our unification of our four territorially strong and weak provinces. The equity – subsequently achieved through “roti kapra makan”, “jaag Punjab jaag”, “peoples power”, “enlightened” mediocrity, “Pakistan Khappay”, and “debts and construction mafias” – was replaced by a carefully orchestrated promise of the moon but is unravelling as a game of ‘rotating’ musical chairs.

Turns out the “great people that flew us” were not exactly licensed, the steel mill not so malleable, the police not so polite, the apolitical not so apolitical, the accountants not auditable, the sports administrators not so fit, and of course, the promises of the moon were just slogans, “stupid”!

So I wonder, should the citizens put together or hire a ‘Citizens Accountability Bureau’ (CAB) to put all the jokers back where they belong; into a sort of a traditional ‘Lucky Irani-like circus’?

The CAB simply would require an understanding and agreement to voice “evidence based opinion” and agree graciously to dissent. A simple conscience call away, the CAB could shake mountains through the power of the pen, voice and ballot.

Hope Citizens Accountability Bureau is not a copyright infringement!


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Naya Daur