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‘PM Imran Owes Apology To Both Women And Non-Rapist Men’: Civil Society Holds Protest

Civil society activists held a protest at the National Press Club, Islamabad on Thursday, seeking an apology from Prime Minister Imran Khan over his recent statement wherein he blamed ‘vulgarity’ for rape and sexual violence against women and children. He had further said that observing purdah would protect women from sexual assault as men resort to sexual violence after ‘temptation’.
The PM’s statement generated nationwide outrage and international media also picked up the story.

The protestors in Islamabad held placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the PM’s statement and demands for an apology. They were of the view that such remarks from the PM would encourage rapists.

Activist Tahira Abdullah said that people are angry because the PM was asked about rise in child abuse cases and in response, he blamed ‘vulgarity’ and women’s lack of purdah for such incidents. She further said that by saying that men get ‘tempted’ every time they see a woman without a veil, Imran Khan implied that men cannot control their ‘rapist tendencies’. He owes an apology to both men and women, she said.



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