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Meera Opens Up About New York Hospital Troubles

Meera has spoken out about reports that she had been admitted to a mental health facility in the US. Speaking to BBC News in the aftermath of stories and rumours circulating on the internet about her situation, the actress said that there was a lobby against and that it was interested in slandering her.

According to Meera, the reason for her visit to Brooklyn Hospital in New York was for vaccination. When asked the direct question as to whether she had been admitted to a psychiatric facility, the actress said that it was a late hour in the US and that the inhabitants of her house were asleep. “I can’t talk in detail right now,” she said.

Later, resuming the conversation, she claimed that she had faced “mental torture” in the US. She stated that she had been dealing with depression and went to the hospital seeking help. But after her arrival, they “mistook” her for “being crazy.” She emphasized the distinction between being depressed and mentally unstable – which, according to her, the New York health facility got wrong. Further she claimed, “They even confiscated my phone.”

“I was screaming the entire night, calling for help, and no one came. It was a really scary night for me,” she said.

The actress says that it was eventually the assistance of the Pakistani government which got her out of her predicament. Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed, she stated, was the one who asked Pakistani diplomatic authorities in the US to assist her.


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