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Jahangir Tareen Demands He Be Investigated By Team That ‘Does Not Work On Someone’s Phone Call’

Estranged Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Tareen has sought a fair investigation into the allegations of fraud and money laundering against him. While speaking to media persons outside a session’s court in Lahore, the former secretary general of the ruling party said that he should be investigated by a fair team that works as per the law and not on someone’s phone call.

Meanwhile, lawmakers of the PTI from Punjab once again accompanied Tareen to the court. 22 MPAs and eight MNAs were seen with Tareen. These included PTI MNA Raja Riaz and provincial minister Nauman Langrial.

Raja Riaz, speaking to media, said that the lawmakers who appear with Tareen during court appearances do so because they stand in solidarity with him. He however added that Prime Minister Imran Khan was their ‘leader and captain’.
He claimed that people around PM Imran Khan are targeting Tareen who is a valuable asset to the party. He said that these lawmakers urge the PM to realise that fake cases have been registered against Tareen.
“We are not here to blackmail you,” he said, while addressing the PM.


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