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HRCP Takes Notice Of Abusive Headline Against Women In Far-Right Daily Newspaper

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has condemned the language used by far-right daily newspaper Ummat against those who participated in the Aurat March held earlier this year on International Women’s Day (08 March).

In its 05 April 2021 issue, Ummat had tried to draw attention to a list of 14 countries where sexual violence against women is reported to be highest, arguing that Pakistan was not among them. As part of the headline, the newspaper had used abusive language for women who participated in Pakistan’s Aurat March.

Taking note of the campaign by daily Ummat against the Aurat March participants, the HRCP also noted that the same newspaper was prominent in a campaign inciting violence against writer Amar Jaleel.

For its violent and abusive language, the far-right newspaper has come under criticism from members of the general public as well as commentators and journalists on social media.

This comes in the wake of a fierce campaign against organizers and participants of Aurat March by various religious right-wing groups. Earlier, there had been widespread circulation of a doctored video which tried to link women participating in the event with slogans that hurt religious sensibilities.


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