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Fact-Check: Justice Isa Is The Only Judge Who Voluntarily Declared Income Tax, Asset Details

Following the Supreme Court (SC) decision accepting Justice Qazi Faez Isa and his wife Sarina Isa’s review petitions against the June 2020 SC verdict, a social media campaign claiming that the judge tried to evade accountability has begun. It is being said that the judge and his spouse chose to hide their assets because they considered themselves to be above the law. That is not the case.

Justice Isa is the only judge who voluntarily released details of his personal assets, the income tax he and his wife paid from 2018-2020 and the privileges granted to him as a judge.

In October last year, Justice Isa and his wife responded to Women Action Forum (WAF)’s RTI request seeking information about judges and spouses of superior court and senior military officers. The WAF had invoked Article 19 and the right to information law in its petition demanding this information.

The information was sought from the chief justice and judges of the Supreme Court and the five high courts, chief of the army staff and lieutenant generals, major generals and brigadiers of the armed forces, air chief marshal, air marshals, air vice marshals and commodores of Pakistan Air Force and admiral, vice admiral, rear admirals and commodores of Pakistan Navy.

In his response, Justice Isa had released a statement saying that he had paid Rs2.2 million as income tax in 2018 and earned Rs15m income that year. He further told that he paid Rs1.79m tax in 2019 on the income of Rs17m that year, and Rs2.6m tax in 2020 on the income of Rs21m.


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