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All Exams Cancelled In Pakistan As Govt Finally Succumbs To Public Pressure

Succumbing to public pressure, the government has finally decided to postpone O and A level exams till June 15 in light of the third wave of Covid in Pakistan.

Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said in a tweet that Covid SOPs were not being duly followed outside the examination centres, adding that the permission to allow exams depended on SOPs observance.

“This and the latest corona spread reports will be discussed in a special NCOC meeting today afternoon,” the education minister announced in a tweet.

In another tweet posted later, the minister announced that the government addressed the concerns of students and parents and all exams have been cancelled till June 15 and “depending on the spread of the disease may even go further”.

He added that there is an exception for A2 students who have a compulsion to take exams now.

The government had resisted calls from parents and students as well as civil society activists to cancel the Cambridge exams as they would put the students’ and their families lives at risk, but the step has finally been taken two days after the Cambridge exams began.


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