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3 Shopping Mall Workers Injured In Firing By Levies Force For Violating Covid SOPs In Quetta

QUETTA: Three employees of a shopping mall in Quetta accused of violating Covid SOPs were critically injured in firing by Levies personnel on Sunday. Assistant Commissioner Quetta Zohaib Ulhaq ordered the Levies force personnel to open fire at the employees of Quetta’s biggest shopping mall over violating Coronavirus SOPs, it has emerged.

A video of the incident doing the rounds on social media shows a security guard of the assistant commissioner opening fire at the workers. 

District administration has alleged that two policemen were beaten and pelted with stones by labourers due to which the personnel had to open fire. The shopping mall owners deny these allegations.

The owner of the shopping mall, Usman Achakzai, has denied the allegation of Covid SOPs violations levelled against him by the district administration. He claimed that his shopping mall was closed at 6.45 PM, but some workers were still inside and were about to leave when the incident took place. 

Around Iftar time, AC Zohaib Ulhaq came to the shopping mall with his armed security personnel, and after exchange of hot words with the workers, he ordered his subordinates to open fire.

District administration also alleged that two policemen were beaten by laborers due to which the firing incident took place. The shopping mall owners deny these allegations.

Traders Association held a protest demonstration outside the AC’s office against the incident. The sit-in continues at the time of writing of these lines.

Meanwhile, the government of Balochistan has formed a high level committee which will probe the firing incident, but no FIR has yet been registered.   



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