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2 Nurses Booked For Blasphemy After Mob Creates Chaos In Faisalabad Hospital

Two Christian nurses working at the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital in Faisalabad have been booked on allegations of committing blasphemy after a mob held protest against them in the hospital. Several hospital employees held a protest demonstration on Friday against the two nurses, accusing them of having committed blasphemy by taking off a sticker with sacred text from a cupboard, reported Dawn.

A police van parked inside the hospital which was to carry one of the nurses to a safe location was also attacked by the mob. She was eventually locked inside the van to protect her from the protestors.

Dawn quoted a police officer as saying that the alleged incident took place where physchiatric patients are being treated. The removed sticker was reportedly taken into possession by a head nurse who told the higher-ups about the matter.


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  1. qamer April 14, 2021

    Making Laws can Neither GIVE Respect to Army Generals nor to Prophet — God & Prophet do not NEED Laws to Protect them or Need Punishment to Give them RESPECT — Anyone who know God & Prophet will Respect SOME JAHIL who do Not RESPECT do not KNOW THEM –Do not kill them TEACH THEM That is what Prophet did & leave it to GOD to give them HIDAYAT. BLASPHEMY law is ANTI PROPHET TEACHING & SHAMEFUL–Khadim Hussain was a FITNA & Tehrik E Labaik was Created by GENERALS –They used it against NAWAZ at FAIZ ABAD DHARNA then when Khadim declared Army Chief & CJ WAJIB E QATAL -Army arrested Khadim ,Killed some leaders CHANGED his SOFTWARE ,They still might be Using them against Imran or this TEHRIK became MONSTER like MQM who started to DRILL their OWNERS (Army Persons) BODIES


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