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Take Briefings From Agencies To Know How Money Was Used In Senate Polls, PM Tells ECP

In his address to the National Assembly after securing the vote of confidence, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should take briefing from “agencies” so they can tell the Commission how much money has been used [by the Opposition] in the Senate election.

He further outlined the vision for Pakistan which he believes should be “an example to the world, to make a model of what an Islamic state is.”

Taking a dig at Asif Ali Zardari, he said, “Look at this corrupt man, someone who the world knows is corrupt, Asif Ali Zardari … and in this country people say that one Zardari wins over all [sab pe bharri]. He wins because he bribes people!”

He also criticised former PM Nawaz Sharif in his speech saying that he “lied in order to run away from the country. […] As soon as he got on the plane, he miraculously recovered and now he is sitting there and making speeches and scheming.”

“They have only one aim. In the last two and half years after we assumed power, all these thieves think that Imran Khan loves his position [as PM] so much that he will give us an NRO the same way Musharraf did,” he added.

Talking about the elections and the ECP he said, “We knew a month earlier that money was being gathered for the Senate elections, and I was surprised at the Election Commission […] saying that this was a good election. If this was a good election, then what is a bad election?”

Concluding his speech he said, “Until we do not fix our moral standards in this country, when elections will be held where people are openly spending money […] we are telling [the lowest income earners] to be truthful, and … [politicians] have been stealing for 30 years.”

Imran Khan won the vote of confidence with 178 votes.


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