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Senate Polls Revealed Widespread Corruption, Says PM In Address To Nation

In his address to the nation following Senate election, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the polls revealed the major issues prevalent in the country such as corruption.

He said that when PTI first contested in the Senate 6 years ago, he had realised that the elections are conducted by money and not democratically.

He criticised opposition for opposing PTI’s bill advocating open ballot. “They in the past had also called for open ballot. Why do you think they were against it now?,” the premier asked.

He said that the opposition has made a mockery of democracy and only has one agenda which is to pressure him into giving them an NRO.

He added that a video of some lawmakers that surfaced made it clear that horse trading and bribery shape the senate elections, and the PTI dismissed 20 members because of this.

“Even Supreme Court admitted that bribery takes place in Senate elections but the ECP called for secret ballot,” he said.

The premier further added that on Saturday he will be taking a vote of confidence from National Assembly. He says that if the vote doesn’t goes into his favour, he will respect the vote.

“Hafeez Sheikh lost because Opposition bought votes,” the premier said.

Further, he said that he doesn’t have any economic gains from his premiership. The money that he receives for rendering his services to the country is all spent on security and diplomatic travels.


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