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Pakistani Woman Based In US Was Running Team Of MQM-L’s Target Killers: CTD

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and Rangers officials have said that a Pakistani woman based in America was running a network of Mutahhida Qaumi Movement – London (MQM-L)’s target killers in Karachi.

They made the claims while addressing a join press conference in the provincial capital.
Identified as Kehkashan Haider, the woman’s involvement in targeted killings came to be known after a join operation in which a team of MQM-L target killers was arrested in 2017.

The officials also played a call recording of the said woman during the press conference wherein she could be heard instructing the target killers about the correct way of targeting the victim. She could also be heard asking the murderer to change his motorcycle’s number plate after making his escape from the crime scene.

Further, the investigation revealed that the woman had sent Rs 300,000 as reward for a murder. Half of this amount went to Asif Raees through Hawala Hundi, while $1,470 were received on the NIC number of a fugitive Chand’s wife, Huma, from a money changer’s branch in Karachi.

The CTD and Rangers officials also claimed that these terror acts were launched on the orders of MQM founder Altaf Hussain.


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