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Malicious Campaign Against Aurat March: FIA’s Inaction Is Criminal


The malicious campaign going on against Aurat March in extremely concerning. Certain elements are falsely accusing the Aurat March organisers of committing blasphemy, endangering their lives. The same elements first edited a video and then deliberately misinterpreted a banner regarding child abuse that one of the marchers faced to paint it blasphemous.

What’s even more worrying is the decision by a Peshawar court ordering the registration of the march organisers instead of the people who had levelled false allegations. Aurat March organisers have clarified that the banner was written by a woman who had been raped by his 50-year-old teacher when she was only 9. She kept quiet after what happened to her because she was afraid but the man is still a Muezzin at the local mosque.

Then the same elements alleged the marchers of waving the French flag at the march. It was Women Democratic Front’s flag and even its colours were different from the French flag. When they failed to prove their case, they came up with the placard conspiracy and started levelling blasphemy allegations, which were totally unfounded. It is simply unfathomable how the FIR could be filed after all these clarifications.

If you don’t like Aurat March or have some difference of opinion with some of the demands, it is your right to disagree with them but for God’s sake don’t endanger the lives of the participants of the march by falsely accusing them of blasphemy. It is your right to differ with Aurat March but you have no right to judge someone’s faith.

FIA’s cybercrime wing overzealously pursues even the fake cases registered against journalists, bloggers and political workers but their silence on this critical issue is criminal. It is their responsibility to take immediate action against the people behind this malicious campaign against Aurat March and who doctored the video to get them booked under blasphemy laws. The culprits behind this must be brought to the book.

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Naya Daur