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Lahore Police Officer Forced To Reaffirm Faith After Being Accused Of Blasphemy

A Lahore superintendent of police (Security) Khalid Mehmood Afzal, who was accused of blasphemy for allegedly throwing a bag containing the Holy Quran, released a video message clarifying that he loves the Holy Book and can never think of insulting it.

Social media posts on extremists’ pages had been accusing the police officer of blasphemy and inciting violence against him after it was said that he disrespected the Holy Quran. This online propaganda forced the officer to reaffirm his religious belief in a video message.

The video is being shared on social media with people saying that it was unfortunate that a policeman was forced to publicly clarify blasphemy allegations after a hateful campaign against him.

This is not the first time an officer has found himself in such a position. In 2019, Attock Assistant Commissioner Jannat Hussain Nekokara landed in hot waters for saying that there should be no discrimination against Ahmadis.

The assistant commissioner was called before a room full of people and asked to clarify her statements that she had made during an event in which she called for unity among all Pakistanis.

In a video that went viral on social media, she could be seen clarifying that she had talked about human rights in which she had emphasised that there should be no discrimination against Ahmadis and emphasised unity amongst Pakistanis so we could fight our external enemies.



  1. X-M of Texas March 23, 2021

    There shall be move by army to reform Pakistani version of Islam. Remove all provisions in law to remove blasphemy. Rational debates without blasphemy sword hanging over Pakistanis be allowed and protected by army. Conversion shall be banned and leaving religion, especially islam, be legalized so that inherent tolerance, no violence and no judgmental way of life grows from strength to store trh.

  2. Human March 24, 2021

    religious wars start with Christianity and islam. Before these 2 religions there were wars but never they were based on religion


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