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Justice Yahya Earns Social Media Praise For Precise Dissenting Note In Senate Polls’ Case

Justice Yahya Afridi’s clear yet precise dissenting note in the Supreme Court (SC)’s ruling on the presidential reference against secret balloting in the Senate polls has earned him praise on social media.

Disagreeing with the majority opinion of the bench, he observed: “the opinion sought by the Worthy President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the instant Reference, is not a question of law within the contemplation of Article 186 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973. Accordingly, the same is returned unanswered”.

Many social media users have praised the judge’s brief yet crisp dissenting note, saying that he upheld the sanctity of the Constitution by noting that the presidential reference was absurd to begin with.




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  1. Cooldan March 1, 2021

    These Judge decision will be a problem for him later — he will be treated like Justice QAZI –Because if someone talk about constitution & LAWS -Army Generals take it as Threat & know that this Judge will NOT be a RUBBER STAMP & will or can Question them –So Mafia side line them like QAZI ,JUSTICE SHAUKAT ……Pakistani People ,specially Media ,Judges & Lawyers should wake up & Raise Voice against this


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