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Is PM Imran Khan Still A Crowd-Puller?

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    PM Imran Khan says he’ll stage massive protests even if he’s ousted from the system to ensure ‘corrupt’ politicians are brought to justice. But does he command the kind of support that he did while being in the opposition? Here’s an analysis

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    1. Danial M Noorani March 5, 2021

      Imran Khan’s address to the nation highlighted the problems that the people have with him, namely that he continues to look backwards and obsess about his allegations of corruption against his opposition, instead of focusing on moving the country forward. Imran talks about a mass movement (read dharna) to expose the corruption if he is out of power, what about using the courts to prove his allegations, unless proven in court, they are just allegations. Imran’s words also carry less weight now that he has shown that he will be selective about going after corruption, and has taken in a lot of the same politicians into PTI and his Givernment that he had labelled as corrupt in the past.
      He is still stumbling over his own ego and insists on shotting himeself in the foot.


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