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Human Rights Ministry Terms Expulsion Of Lahore University Couple ‘Moral Policing’, Seeks Their Readmission

In a strongly-worded letter, the Federal Ministry of Human Rights has asked the University of Lahore to re-admit the two students who were expelled for a public proposal on campus, calling the university’s move an ‘overreaction’ and ‘moral policing’.

The ministry’s Parliamentary Secretary Lal Chand Malhi wrote a letter to the varsity’s vice chancellor on Tuesday. He said that the university management did not bother to give the students a chance to explain themselves and expelled them immediately after the incident. Terming the university’s action ‘moral policing’, the ministry said that the university administration should have provided the students counselling if it deemed their behaviour inappropriate.

The letter said that the students’ expulsion was ‘uncalled for’ and a violation of their human rights. “Both the girl and the boy did not commit such a heinous crime for which they were punished severely and expelled from the university. This would destroy their career and future education opportunities,” the letter read.


On March 12, the University of Lahore (UoL) expelled two students over a video of them which circulated on social media. In this video, the two students, who are a couple, were seen proposing with flowers.

A female student was seen going on her knee and proposing to a male student. They then publicly displayed their affection by hugging each other.

As the video went viral, the University administration acted and expelled the two students. The expulsion notice issued by the administration cites the rules and regulations of the institution and claims that the two students failed to appear before a Special Disciplinary Committee.


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