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Fact-Check: Yes, The Vaccine Works. PM Imran Had Covid Before He Was Vaccinated

Prime Minister Imran Khan testing positive for coronavirus two days after he was vaccinated for the virus in Islamabad has led to misinformation about the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine on a section of social media.


Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination clarified that the prime minister only got first shot of the vaccine and that too, only two days ago. This is too short a timeframe for any vaccine to give immunity from the virus. Since the PM had not received his second dose yet, he was not fully vaccinated when he contracted the virus.

Minister Asad Umar also tweeted that the PM was most certainly infected with the virus prior to the vaccination.

Given the anti-vaccine and anti-science mindset being peddled in Pakistan, it is important to clarify that the PM contracting Covid after getting the first dose of vaccine does not prove that the vaccine does not work. It works, but after two full doses.

All 60+ Pakistanis must keep getting themselves vaccinated to prevent the virus and pay no heed to the misinformation. The vaccine can save your life.


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Naya Daur