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Engineer Ali Mirza Survives Second Assassination Attempt

Islamic scholar and renowned Youtuber Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza survived a murder attempt on Sunday. This is the second attack on him.

The attacker reportedly visited the Quran academy and met Mirza. During the meeting, he tried to take the scholar’s life by attacking him with a knife while posing for a picture with him. Mirza remained unharmed.
Meanwhile, social media users are extending solidarity with the scholar as #EngineerMuhammadMirza remains one of the trending topics on Pakistan Twitter.

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza has become known among the progressive circles for his sharp style of polemics and outspoken criticism of what he sees as weak arguments by a number of mainstream religious figures in South Asia. Some of his harshest criticism is reserved for those who, in his view, promote sectarian or divisive beliefs.


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