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Can PDM continue without PPP? | Can PMLN Sweep Punjab? | Why Gen Bajwa Wants To Befriend India?

Can PMLN under Maryam Nawaz really sweep Punjab?

Why Gen Bajwa wants to mend ties with India? Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, Zaigham Khan and Iftikhar Ahmed join Raza Rumi and Murtaza Solangi tonight Imran Khan will not hold elections. He will stay to complete his tenure. I don’t see elections happening before 2023.

#PMLN is strong in Punjab but Gallup polls do not show a lot of gap between PMLN and #PTI, although N leads: Iftikhar Ahmed Dr Ayesha Siddiqa unpacks the statements of Gen Bajwa and Imran Khan’s earlier statements on India, CPEC, Afghanistan and says that there is a change of direction but how/when it will be implemented?


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