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Bride Foils Forced Nikah, Reports Family To Police In Sindh

A woman who was sold off by her uncle as a bride for Rs 700,000 in Sukkur, Sindh, managed to escape on the way to the groom’s village and reported the unlawful wedding to the police in Tangwani town of Kandhkot-Kashmore district.

The forced marriage victim told media that she was not happy with the marriage and was already married and had a son. But her parental uncle Khalid sold her off. She said that the Nikkah between her and Qadroo Bugti was unlawful and conducted against her will, reported Dawn News.

She escaped on the way to the groom’s village. She pretended to be nauseous and asked that they stop the tractor-driven trolley so she could vomit. Once the vehicle stopped she ran away and went to the nearest police station.

The runaway bride says that she specifically asked for the vehicle to be stopped when the police station was close.

The woman gave her statement to the police and demanded that a kidnapping case be registered against everyone involved in the incident.

Police initiated an investigation and asked the people present at the wedding about the “unlawful marriage”. They however, claimed that it was a legitimate Nikkah.

The woman is currently under police custody for protection and will be presented at the court to record her statement.


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