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Blast Kills Six Miners In Balochistan Coalfield

A blast at a coal mine in the Marwar coalfield in Balochistan has caused the deaths of six miners. Officials from the provincial Directorate of Mines say that the mine is now closed and that an inquiry has been ordered by the Chief Inspector of Mines.

The tragedy occurred when eight miners got trapped approximately 1,000 feet below ground level after a boulder fell on them. Two of the miners were rescued, but the other six died in an explosion from accumulating methane gas.

Officials from the Directorate of Mines say that six bodies have now been recovered.

Mining remains one of the most hazardous jobs in Pakistan. Sultan Muhammad Lala, president of the Balochistan Coal Mines Workers Federation, told media that mine owners were not ensuring the safety of miners. Over the past year, 102 miners have lost their lives in a total of 72 different incidents. These include not just loss of life due to poor safety conditions, but also a poor security situation and violence by terrorist organizations operating in the region.

In 2018, an explosion at another mine in the Marwar coalfield had led to 20 miners being killed.


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