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Suspects Gunned Down, Ammunition Seized In DG Khan

Today, an encounter took place in the jurisdiction of Police Station Sakhi Sarwar (DG Khan) near Tuti Rohri, Roojani Road, in which three suspects namely Akhtar Mumdani, Sajjad Gurchani and Shabir Nautkani were killed. One rocket launcher along with four rockets, three fuses, one hand gernade, three Kalashnikov assault rifles, one pistol and 600 rounds of ammunition have been recovered from their posession.

A police party headed by DSP Saddar Nasir Sial along with a team of the Special Operations Unit ambushed the suspects, who reportedly opened fire upon the police party. The police retaliated and the three were killed on the spot. According to DG Khan police, these individuals were a “sign of terror” in the DG Khan and Rajanpur districts. Dozens of FIRs including those for kidnapping, ransom, murder and bank dacoity are registered against these suspects in the DG Khan and Rajanpur districts.

DG Khan Police further added that these suspects belonged to the tribal area of DGK-Rajanpur and the Katcha area of Rajanpur. Moreover, it is alleged that they had links with the infamous Laadi Gang and the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) as well. They were on their way to join Laadi Gang and strengthen ties with BLA further, so as to target a sensitive installation and foreign engineers working in the Fort Munro area of DG Khan.

The DG Khan police called it a great success in tackling security and averting any threat to national-level projects in DG Khan district.


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