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Barring Me From Hearing PM’s Cases Raises Questions On CJ’s Credibility: Justice Isa Fights Back

Justice Qazi Faez Isa, in his dissenting note in the PM’s development funds case, has said that the order barring him from hearing cases pertaining to Prime Minster Imran Khan or involving him in any manner is unconstitutional and illegal.

This judgement was passed by a bench headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed. Bar councils had criticised the order and called the judgement a violation of the constitution.

Justice Isa maintained that the order was “unconstitutional, illegal and contrary to precedents of this Supreme Court.” He added that barring him from hearing cases related to PM was unconstitutional and raised questions on Chief Justice’s own credibility.

The statement further read, “My brethren are not my conscience keepers, nor am I theirs.”

He went on to say that it’s the duty of the institutions to uphold the constitution. Justice Isa said, “The most resilient and finest institutions are those wherein there is candour, transparency and legitimate dissent. I pray that this institution unwaveringly stands against all manner of constitutional violations and safeguards the people against misuse of power”


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