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Retired Army Officers To Be Hired For LDA’s Enforcement Wing

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Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has decided to hire retired army officers for its key posts in the endorsement wing.

These retired officers will be hired on the enforcement directorate whose job is to is to carryout demolition/anti-encroachment operations along with the responsibility of protecting the state owned property from the land grabbers.

“In order to effectively safeguard the valuable property of LDA from land mafia/encroachers, it would be in fitness of things to establish Enforcement Directorate consisting of retired army officers/personnel. Therefore, a thorough revamping of the directorate of enforcement is to be considered with particular reference to safeguard interests of the Authority inregular schemes of LDA.”

The proposal also asks for the enforcement directorate to be further divided into sectors both of which will be lead by a deputy director. The hiring of these deputy directors should also come under LDA DG, head of committee, reads the proposal.

The proposal explains how the enforcement directorate would work: “Three zonal inspectors shall report to each enforcement officer. The complete field force shall be at the disposal of Director Enforcement and is to be divided into two teams i.e. Team 1 and Team 2. The Housing and Town Planning directorates of Urban Development Wing shall point out the encroachments, illegal structures etc and the directorate shall act on the direction of the client directorates.”

The enforcement directorate is however answerable to Housing and Town Planning Directorates and the UD Wing will be liable to point out the encroachments, illegal structures etc in the city.


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