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PTI To Challenge ECP Ruling On NA-75 Re-Polling In Supreme Court

PTI leader and former Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar has announced his party’s intention to contest in the Supreme Court the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for a re-poll in NA-75 (Daska). Dar’s announcement comes after a federal cabinet meeting expressed displeasure with the ECP ruling on NA-75.

According to Dar, the party’s view is that irregularities occurred in only a limited number of polling stations, and yet the ECP decision was to have re-polling in the whole constituency. “We will fight for our legal rights as the people of the area voted for us and we will fight for their rights,” he noted.

The proceedings of this federal cabinet meeting are in contrast with the party’s earlier position on the ECP ruling. In a press conference before the ECP’s ruling, Usman Dar had pledged that the ruling party would accept the electoral authority’s decision.

PM Imran Khan, for his part, had taken the view that there would be no objection to re-polling in the 20 polling stations which are the subject of controversy. In the aftermath of the ECP ruling, Usman Dar has expressed the party’s view that re-polling in all 320 polling stations for NA-75 would be an “injustice” for the people of Daska.


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  1. X-muslim February 27, 2021

    PTI and its IK have lost out. More and more reversals, including economy. Pakistan is better off with no PM, assembly and no interference. Autopilot plane with free trade is better for awam


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