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Poverty In Balochistan And The World

Poverty is a crippling issue of the world, which has made life a process of constant suffering for so many human beings. In addition, millions of people are living on this planet in such a state of mind that they don’t know what to do and where to go, if they are to make both ends meet. Likewise, the planet faces an overcrowding crisis, as our current systems find it ever harder to cope with the fact that the sheer number of people is getting larger and feeding them has become more and more of a challenge. Furthermore, according to a report of the World Bank, around 46 percent of the world population is facing poverty.

The province of Balochistan presents a tragic case in point for the global poverty crisis. Here, the main cause of poverty can also be boiled down to the pressure on resources as rising populations simply cannot be catered to, at least within the existing system.

And so, while the world community, superpowers and the federal authorities continue to debate on what to do for the uplift these populations, far too many people sleeep hungry at night and wander from one place to another in search of work during the day.


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Naya Daur