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Lawmakers Clash In Sindh Assembly: Exchange Of Insults Turns Physical

An exchange of barbs between elected representatives from the Sindh government and the PTI turned into a physical clash in the Sindh Assembly. The Speaker’s pleas for order in the assembly fell on deaf ears.

PTI’s Khurram Sher Zaman attracted the ire of the PPP’s Mukesh Kumar Chawla when he commented on the lack of rabies vaccines and how it results in tragic incidents of mortality. According to him, “it seems that the rule of dogs is far too prevalent these days in Sindh.” His remark drew an angry response from Chawla, who demanded that the PTI’s Karachi leader control his language. A crescendo of threats, calls for the other side to “shut up” and challenges to resolve the fight outside the Assembly soon began.

Eventually, Khurram Sher Zaman responded to a negative remark about his restaurant by accusing the PPP lawmakers of having handed all of Sindh over to alcohol bars (sharab-khanay).

The verbal spat soon turned into an exchange of pushing and shoving between opposing groups of lawmakers.

Noisy and disruptive behaviour continued well into the Question Hour. Even Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani’s displeasure proved insufficient to quell the outbreak of bad behaviour amongst lawmakers. The Speaker thereafter adjourned the provincial assembly session till Monday.


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