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Kaveh Moussavi Reveals Daily Mail Journalist Facilitated His Meeting With Shahzad Akbar For £250,000

Broadsheet CEO Kaveh Moussavi has revealed that he met with PM Imran Khan’s Accountability Advisor Shahzad Akbar on the advise of David Rose, a journalist working for British newspaper Daily Mail, who had facilitated the meeting.

In an exclusive interview with 24 News HD, Kaveh Moussavi revealed that David Rose asked him for £250000 kickback for successfully negotiating the Broadsheet money from Pakistan which was then around 30 million US Dollars. David Rose has never publicly spoken about this earlier, but in conversation with this reporter, he confirmed that the meeting did take place

Speaking to this reporter in Oxford at his home, Kaveh Moussavi quoted David Rose as telling him that he had a “big mortgage” on his house and he would like that mortgage to be settled in full once Pakistan paid him through his efforts. Kaveh Moussavi said he agreed and then he arranged the meeting wih Shahzad Akbar in London on 19 October 2019. David Rose was present in the meeting and wanted Pakistan and Kaveh Moussavi to do a new deal for assets tracing but Shahzad Akbar talked about reduction in the award money for Pakistan.

Kaveh Moussavi confirmed he promised David Rose to pay off his mortgage if Pakistan accepted his demand of paying his money as soon as possible.

David Rose was not present in the second meeting between Shahzad Akbar and Kaveh Moussavi – and that meeting ended in argument.

Kaveh Moussavi said that David Rose is still in touch with him but started giving him a cold shoulder because the deal didn’t go ahead. Kaveh Moussavi said he has text messages to show what David Rose has been telling him.

Kaveh Moussavi said: “David Rose told me he knew Shahzad Akbar. We met in my house in Oxford and we had a chat. David Rose said he would organise the meeting (with Shahzad Akbar) and he did. What was in it for him? He said that he had a big mortgage. I said if I am paid (by Pakistan) then I can settle it (the £250,000 mortgage). We shook hands and said that I will settle his mortgage and I said I will be happy to do that and that was it.”

Kaveh Moussavi said he told David Rose he will settle his “big mortgage” of £250,000 if David Rose helped him get his nearly US$30 million owed by Pakistan.

David Rose said in his tweet he organised the meeting but didn’t ask for commission. He accused Kaveh Moussavi of offering him commission.
Kaveh said: “I said to him (David Rose), frankly, that I have to spend that kind of money on lawyers and enforcement anyway then so if you settle then your mortgage will be settled. That’s how we left it,” said Kaveh, adding: “It would have been his commission. He wanted a commission which would have been his mortgage.”

Kaveh said David Rose asked for £250,000 and “I wouldn’t know what his mortgage was unless he told me that.”

Kaveh said he asked David Rose why Shahzad Akbar had sent him. “Why do they have to send you? They can just write to me. David Rose said they just want to establish trust. I said you don’t need trust; you need to send a cheque. David Rose said ‘I will set up, organise a meeting for you with Shahzad Akbar’. I said fine. Then he said what’s in it for me? I said, ‘What do you want?’.”

Kaveh Moussavi claims that David Rose replied he “has got a big mortgage” of approximately “£250,000”. He says David Rose started attacking him after the second meeting because he thought that Kaveh was stubborn and due to him the deal didn’t happen, and he lost £250,000.

Kaveh said: “He’s a man who is trying to settle this thing. And I told him I would help him settle his mortgage and the reality was that he started becoming a hostile person to me. You should see his text messages. It’s quite extraordinary.”

The Broadsheet CEO added that the fact that David Rose started going hostile towards him after the said meeting came as a shock to me. “Up to that point I clearly considered him a friend and trusted him.”
Kaveh Moussavi claims that David Rose told him that he knew PTI ministers in the new government. He said he knew the new people. I think he was genuinely offering good offices in order to settle the matter. I don’t begrudge him for wanting his mortgage paid. I thought it’s perfectly legitimate. I don’t know whether he would have told his employers or not but that’s the way it was. That’s how it ended.”

David Rose confirmed that he arranged Kaveh Moussavi’s interview with Shahzad Akbar. David Rose said: “I’ve known Kaveh since 2003. It all started when he asked me to come to his house (which was near mine) and told me about the litigation. He asked me to arrange a meeting with Shahzad. I’ve known Shahzad for a long time too, so I agreed to do this. So far as I was concerned, I was just doing a friend a favour.”

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