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Justice Minallah Rebukes Police For Failure To Act Against Rampaging Lawyers

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Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice Athar Minallah berated the police for not taking action against the lawyers who stormed the court on February 8, saying that he wants the name of the ‘real culprits’.

The rampage at the Islamabad High Court by the the lawyers was termed as a ‘disgrace for the entire legal fraternity as well as an attack on the judiciary itself.’

Reprimanding the deputy commission the justice questioned, “What is going on and who is doing all of this?”

“You are only harassing innocent people and not taking to task those who are responsible. It seems you cannot apprehend those who were behind the ransacking.” Justice Minallah further said.

Justice Minallah ordered the police to launch an investigation into the matter and hold the ones responsible accountable. “A country cannot function if there’s no rule of law,” he maintained.


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