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How Different Is PDM From PTI?

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Pakistan’s opposition parties are all-out against the incumbent government, and are vowing to overthrow the government through their street agitation. They are hoping that their long march would send the PM packing, and the government which they accuse of incompetence will fall. But has there been any discussion from these parties over what their plan is after the PTI government falls?

If one of these opposition leaders, i.e. Bilawal Bhuto or Maryam Nawaz, get elected as prime minister after fresh elections, what will they do different from Imran Khan? In their speeches the PDM leaders speak at length about all that ails Pakistan and how this government has failed to do its job, but do they have a plan to fix it all once one of them assumes power?

A cursory look at PDM leaders’ speeches and public statements would tell us that they do not discuss the economic and social issues facing Pakistan. We know there is inflation in the country and the common people are suffering at the hands of the rulers’ wrong policies but does the PML-N or PPP have a solid economic plan that they will implement if they get the government? Certainly not.

The opposition parties do not go in these details. All we hear from them is that the government has failed, that the Prime Minister is a puppet of the security establishment and that the people are facing issues due to the government’s many failures. No policy statements by the opposition are given to explain how they will take care of all these issues and perform better than the current prime minister.

This absence of ‘real talk’ forces one to think that these political leaders do not want to actually fix the problems facing Pakistan, but they are hungry for power. That they want to get elected by hook or by crook.

The question is: would these political parties act differently if the establishment begins supporting them for government instead of Imran Khan? If their issue is with the involvement of establishment in politics, shouldn’t they refuse any such political dialogue with the establishment behind closed doors?

But it is a fact that both leading PDM parties have been secretly talking to the military at one point or another. These contradictory positions give rise to doubts in the minds of people and as a result, the public finds it hard to trust politicians. This in turn causes great polarisation.

Due to the abovementioned observation, it is necessary that the PDM brings forward a concrete plan to show its supporters how they plan to run the country and fix all its real issues, better than Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team of advisers.

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