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Harassers Kill 65-Year-Old Man For Trying To Protect Woman In Peshawar

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A 65-year-old man was shot dead and three people including women were injured when a group of four men opened fire at them after they reprimanded the accused for sexually harassing a young woman in Peshawar.
Express Tribune reported that a woman was harassed on her way home by four men after which she told them off. Some bystanders also asked the men to stop harassing the woman.

This infuriated the men and they followed the woman to her home. They barged into the home and started beating everyone in the house. Muhammad Elias, Azhar, Khaleda Bibi and Azhra Bibi were severely injured. Neighbours that came to help were scared off by the men as they pulled out their pistols and starting firing.

As the shots ran through the neighbourhood no one else dared to come to the rescue of the injured and the suspects left. One of the injured, Elias, died on the way to the hospital.

Neighbours and relatives of the injured staged a protest today at Chuhar Chowk and demanded that the suspects be booked on terrorism charges. A FIR has already been registered against the men but the family of the injured allege that the police are siding with the offenders.


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