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Governor State Bank’s Protocol Officer Accused Of Sexual Harassment Of Female Colleagues

An employee of the State Bank Islamabad anonymously filed a complaint of workplace sexual harassment against the Chief Manager and protocol officer to the Governor State Bank. The complainant alleged that she has been mentally and sexually harassed several times by her influential colleague.

Despite alerting the top management of the State Bank Pakistan, there has been no action taken by the management against the accused.
The complainant alleges that when confronted, the accused said that he was the “governor’s man” and the management can’t take action against him.

The accused further said that he’s done many favours for the governor and has many powerful connections. So, even if the complainant files a complaint against him, nothing would come out of it as he’s not “answerable to anyone.”

The complainant says that the Chief Manager is perverted, only rewards those who are ready to spend time with him and has been part of many suspicious activities.

The kind of harassment women face at the hand of the Chief Manager are derogatory remarks, sexual advances and such, wrote the complainant in an anonymous email, a copy of which is available with Naya Daur.

She further said that he belittles pregnant female employees and takes screenshots of female employees from CCTV footage and then shares them to large groups. 

Meanwhile, a spokesman of the State Bank gave the following statement to Naya Daur after publishing of the report.

“We are looking at the veracity of allegations made and have initiated the process to determine facts. If warranted, we will ensure that corrective action is taken as per SBP’s policies.


We would like to emphasize here that SBP takes work place harassment cases very seriously and has set up a mechanism to address such issues promptly without any bias. SBP encourages its employees, particularly females, to report any work place harassment issue without any fear.  SBP has also been running awareness campaigns regularly on workplace harassment laws and the responsibilities of staff to abide by them.  Workshops to train staff and communications using different means are also arranged very regularly.”

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    Bravo Lady!


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