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ECP’s Scrutiny Committee Proceedings: PTI Disowns Statement By Its Central Finance Secretary

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Proceedings of the Election Commission of Pakistan’s scrutiny committee in the Foreign Funding case involving the ruling party have concluded. The head of the committee could not participate in the proceedings due to other commitments. The two-member Scrutiny Committee assessed the objections raised by Akbar S. Babar and during the proceedings, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) admitted to four of its employees receiving funds in their accounts.

The complainant in the Foreign Funding case Akbar S. Babar had demanded that details of the party employees’ bank accounts be obtained via the State Bank. For today’s proceedings, the complainant himself, as well as the ruling party’s lawyer Shah Khawar along with the party’s finance team, presented themselves before the Scrutiny Committee of the ECP.

Speaking to media outside the Election Commission, Akbar S. Babar said that the ruling party admitted that money was received from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) into the bank accounts of four of its employees. He further noted that in 2011 the party had permitted its employees to receive funds in their personal accounts. Moreover, Babar noted that the ruling party has disowned the statement of its central finance secretary regarding the receipt of donations in the accounts of four of its paid employees, and so he demanded that details of the these accounts be brought forth. He also stated that due to the absence of the head of the Scrutiny Committee, no decision on this had been made, but that it was the responsibility of the Committee to recover details on these accounts.


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