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Citizen Who Called PM To Lodge Complaint Is A Land Grabber Himself

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A citizen named Masood Chaudhry who had on Monday during a telephone conversation with the premier during his session with the public complained about Ghauri Towns’s land grabbing is actually involved in seizure of land himself.

Express Tribune reported that the investigation into Ghauri Town’s management started on the premiers directives. However, upon investigating the police found that the complainant himself had obtained Rs410 million in cash and commercial and residential plots of over Rs700 million from the Ghauri Town management.

Director of Ghauri Town praised PM Imran’s initiative and revealed that Masood is due to pay over Rs1 billion to the housing scheme.

“We have provided all evidence to Koral police. But police are providing protocol to Chaudhry Masood due to the call made to PM by him,” the director said.


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  1. qamer February 6, 2021

    Imran himself is a Land grabber -He confessed on TV that he had to change 3/4 top police officer to get his brother in Law property back from Land Grabbers –Later it was Found that it did not belong to Imran Brother in Law–Bani Gala property was on an ILLEGAL /NO CONSTRUCTION ZONE–Imran showed FAKE NOC in court & Due to all RICH People ,Generals etc SAQUIB NASOOR Legalized it with a Little fine


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