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Will Contest Senate Polls To Stop PTI From Gaining Two Thirds Majority, Says PMLN

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PMLN leader Ahsan Iqbal said on Wednesday that his party would challenge the forthcoming Senate elections to prevent the PTI from gaining a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

The PML-N leader, addressing the media outside an accountability court, said that his party did not believe in “leaving the field open for the PTI.” He further added that the ruling party if it gets a majority in senate it “would change the face of the constitution,” if PML-N did not contest elections.

“[PML-N] will take part in Senate elections and will stop the PTI from obtaining a two-thirds majority. They [PTI] can take the country towards a presidential system. We will take part in the Senate [elections] as the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) central point is to stop the government’s conspiracies.”

He said that in its efforts against the government, PDM has emerged victorious, saying that the panicked state of the prime minister was evidence of that.


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