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Reference Seeking MNA Ali Wazir’s Disqualification Over ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ Filed In ECP

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National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser has sent a reference seeking the disqualification of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) MNA Ali Wazir to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

According to Dawn, the reference was received on Thursday night and once it was processed by the legal branch of ECP the file was further sent to the Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja.

The disqualification of Ali Wazir will now be be decided by the ECP. The petition notes that the Article 63 of the Constitution states the procedure for disqualification of a member: “If any question arises whether a member of parliament has become disqualified from being a member, the [National Assembly] Speaker or … [Senate] Chairman shall, unless he decides that no such question has arisen, refer the question to the ECP within 30 days and should he fail to do so within the aforesaid period it shall be deemed to have been referred to the ECP.”

The grounds for why the reference of disqualification of Ali Wazir was sent have not been revealed but it may have accused Ali Wazir of involvement in a ‘criminal conspiracy’ against state institutions.

As per Article 63, the ECP has to come to a verdict within 90 days.


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