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Protesting Hazaras Finally Bury Their Dead Amid Govt’s Insensitivity

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The ten Hazara slain coal miners’ bodies have finally been laid to rest. The protestors, who had earlier refused to bury the dead unless Prime Minister Imran Khan visited them and addressed their concerns, have buried the bodies at Quetta’s Hazara Town cemetery on after a late night dialogue with the provincial government.

Funeral prayers were led by Allama Raja Nasir Abbas and attended by close to 5,000 people including the relatives, friends of the deceased and local residents of the area. Political figures including Federal Maritime Minister Ali Zaidi, Special Assistant to the PM Zulfi Bukhari, National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri, Provincial Home Minister Mir Zia Langu and other provincial ministers and civil society leaders were also in attendance at the funeral.

Earlier when the protestors announced they would bury their dead, the ministers present at the sit in for negotiations delivered long speeches as the protestors sat with bodies of their loved ones in subzero temperature. The ministers received flak on social media for displaying insensitivity with people saying that they were trying to use the episode as an opportunity to score points.



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