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Police Stop Probe Into Abduction, Sexual Abuse Of Christian Girl In Faisalabad

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Police have allegedly halted the investigation into a case pertaining to the kidnapping of a 12-year-old Christian girl by three Muslim men in Faisalabad.

The 12 year old girl Farah Shaheen was reportedly kidnapped by three Muslim men who kept her chained up for 5 months and continued to sexually abuse her. She was bound by her ankles in the backyard of one of the men’s house who allegedly raped her too. The man is said to be 29 years old. Shaheen worked at their house and used to clean up cow dung all day.

Investigating into the case on the pleas of the victims family, police claimed that the girl had willingly married the man and has converted to Islam. Giving this justification, police has stopped the investigation and announced the case closed.

Police came to this conclusion after they found the victim in faisalabad. After interrogating her, they said that Shaheen testified to having married the man willingly.

A police report regarding the case read:’Ms Shaheen confessed before a magistrate . . . that she married . . . of her own will and wants to live with him.” The police report also suggested that Farah Shaheen was aged 16 or 17. However, her birth certificate places her age at 12.


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