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Police Kill Gang-Rape Accused In Sheikhupura Encounter

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Two gang-rape suspects were gunned down in an encounter in Sheikhupura on Sunday.

The perpetrators allegedly assaulted an 18-year-old Christian girl about 25 days ago in front of her family. The police arrested the suspects on charges of gang rape in Saddar Farooqabad.

A police team led by Sub-Inspector Irshad escorted the suspects on Sunday to the site where the girl had been raped to recover some stolen goods. As soon as the police van arrived there, the police were assaulted by a gang of alleged accomplices of the suspects.

A search operation was later conducted and a tip-off from the Saddar Farooqabad police said that the suspects and their accomplices had gone to the village of Awan Bhattian.

When the police got there, the perpetrators were seen stealing from the commuters. The rapists and robbers opened fire on the police upon seeing the police, leading to an exchange of fire from both sides. The police found the bodies of the two rapists dead when the shooting finished. In the meantime, the accomplices escaped.


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