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PM Brought Families Of Slain Hazara Miners To A University To Condole With Them

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Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Quetta today to condole with the bereaved families of the Machh massacre victims.

Imran Khan did not visit the homes of the victims, but the families of the slain coal miners were invited to the Sardar Bahadur Khan University in Quetta where the PM met them.

Talking to the Hazara community members, he clarified why he’d been late to visit the mourners and said that the last time he was in Balochistan (after a similar incident) he’d been a common citizen and not a Prime Minister.

“I told them, [federal government’s team] I would come but when you put conditions then it sets a precedent. I aim to end the Shia-Sunni discord throughout the world… look how our government is trying to thaw tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran,” he said.

He accused India of stirring sectarian violence in Pakistan. He said that the intelligence agencies have informed him that India will target Shia and Sunni scholars.

“Our intelligence agencies foiled three major plots to attack Shia and Sunni clerics. There are 35-40 people who are doing this… believe me when I say this that we have our plans in place. We will set up a cell only for these people. We will go after them,” he added while exposing that the Mach incident was part of a “grand scheme”


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