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Peshawar University Says Unable To Pay Full Salaries To Employees

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University of Peshawar has announced that it would not pay full salaries to its employees for the month of January due to ‘financial constraints’.

The employees of the varsity were information by a notice by the University Registrar that the institution was unable to pay them full wages because of financial constraints.

“It is notified for information of all concerned that due to financial constraints, the university is not able to disburse full salaries to its employees for the month of January 2021. Only basic pay plus personal pay will be disbursed for the same month,”read the notification.

The News reported that only 30 per cent of the salaries of the employees will be paid to them. This 30 percent includes house rent and other personal expenses. However, the basic salary which makes half of their total salary won’t be paid.

Yurid Ahsan Zia, the university’s registrar, said that the university was facing a serious financial meltdown and could not afford full salaries and pensions. He stated that the university had already written letters for a bailout package to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government and Higher Education Commission and was waiting for their response.

He further said that Rs250 million had been approved for the University of Peshawar by the provincial government several months ago, but only Rs150 million was released.

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