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Pakistan Tells UN To Ban Violent Nationalist Groups

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Pakistan’s Ambassador to United Nations Munir Akram has requested the UN to take action against nationalist groups including Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) — the parent group of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP), that he termed a threat to regional peace.

Munir Akhtar presented a plan on how to tackle with these groups before the United Nations Security Council. He said that these groups “pose a clear [..] danger to regional and international peace and security”. He further added that these violent extremist supremacist groups should be outlawed like terrorist outfits.

“Such violent racist and extremist terrorism will inevitably breed counter-violence and validate the dystopian narrative of terrorist organisations such as ISIS/Daesh and Al-Qaeda,” Akram said at the UNSC.

The immediate steps that Pakistan proposed to tackle with the groups are as follows:
* calling on states to designate acts of violent nationalist groups, including white supremacists and other racially and ethnically motivated groups, as terrorism, just as the world has done in case of Al-Qaeda/ISIS and their affiliated groups
* initiating immediate domestic actions to prevent the propagation of their violent ideologies, recruitment to and financing of these groups
* requesting the secretary general to present a plan of action to confront and defeat nationalist groups’ extremist ideologies and actions
* expanding the mandate of the 1267 Sanctions Committee to include nationalist terrorist groups like the RSS

The Ambassador also cautioned against BJP’s overarching ideology which has led to persecution of Muslims in India and the lockdowns in Kashmir.

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