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News About COAS Bajwa’s ‘Egg Omelette’ At Islamabad Club Generates Memes

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Twitter is abuzz with memes and tongue-in-cheek responses after an amusingly-worded report about Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s brunch with his family at Islamabad Club, where he ‘freely mingled up with other guests’, was published in The News.

Twitterari are questioning as to how Gen Bajwa eating his “egg omelette” merits a news report.

The article goes into minor details and reads: “He picked his food by holding his plate and waited for in a queue to collect his egg omelet. He didn’t ask for any favour. Interestingly the club administration raised screen for separation of seating for the General and his family, but he asked for removal of curtain.”

The report has been written by journalist Saleh Zafir who is known to report on the activities of government and state officials with unnecessary details.


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  1. Mrs Zaidi January 26, 2021

    Instead of trolling Saleh Zafar for his report, we should be able to read in between the lines. The usual trend of our elite or even anyone remotely related to them, is to show off their up status by asking for undue favours. In numerous cases they don’t shy away from imposing it upon others.


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