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Moussavi Accused Of Lying By Individuals Who Allegedly Acted On Pakistan Govt’s Behalf

The three individuals Barrister Zafar Ali QC; Dr. Kersten Pucks, Management Consultant; and Shaid Iqbal, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales; who Broadsheet CEO Kaveh Moussavi claims were working on behalf of the Pakistani government on a potential new asset recovery deal for Pakistan have accused Moussavi of lying. They have claimed that Moussavi made deliberate misrepresentations and provided a ‘share’ of $2 million in return for having about $50 million from PM Imran Khan for Broadsheet before an arbitration court settled the case for about $29 million.

Geo News reported that in a legal paper these three people rejected the allegations Kaveh Moussavi had made against them. The legal document notes that Dr Pucks is so enraged by Moussavi’s accusations that he has shown his intention to bring legal action against the CEO of Broadsheet. There is also a transcript of several messages between Moussavi and Zafar Ali QC in the legal report.

This legal paper responds to a 13-page “2019 Moussavi paper” prepared by Moussavi’s lawyers that stated that PM Imran Khan and his cabinet members were met by a UK delegation to discuss a plan to recover stolen assets held abroad.

The trio claims in their legal paper titled ‘Declaration of Facts’ that Moussavi repeatedly made money offers to Zafar Ali QC until the end of December 2018 to approach the government of Pakistan and convince them to pay Broadsheet, but Zafar Ali refused the offers and repeatedly claimed in no uncertain terms that Pakistan had not been ordered to enter or negotiate any kind of settlements.

“The “Moussavi Document” was rejected by Zafar Ali, Dr Pucks and Shaid Iqbal as they claim it m misrepresented and omitted important messages from Moussavi and, relevantly, Zafar Ali’s responses to them.


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