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LHC’s ‘No Helmet No Petrol’ Ban Is No More

LAHORE: The Supreme Court on Wednesday set aside the Lahore High Court’s ban on the sale of fuel to motorcyclists without safety helmets.

A three-member bench of the apex court observed that such a ban is tantamount to usurping basic rights. There exists no law that stops the sale of petrol to bikers having no helmet, the court noted.

“Every citizen has the right to sale or purchase necessities of life,” the top court ruled.

Earlier, the LHC had banned the sale of fuel to motorcyclists without safety helmets and directed the authorities to seal the petrol pumps who fail to abide by the Lahore High Court orders.

The court further directed the chief traffic officer (CTO) to start enforcing the condition of wearing a safety helmet on pillion riders without any discrimination. TLTP


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