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Karachi Nurse Who Reported Doctor For Sexual Harassment Living In Poverty After Being Fired

A nurse at Civil Aviation Authority Hospital in Karachi who filed a sexual harassment complaint against her colleague, a senior doctor, is forced to live in poverty after she was fired from the hospital for making the complaint. Furthermore, the accused doctor resorted to Masooma’s character assassination after which her husband divorced her.

The doctor accused of harassment would nitpick at all of Masooma’s work and subjected her to physical and verbal abuse.

Not being able to take the abuse anymore, Masooma filed a complaint against the hospital staff incharge to the administration. However, due to Dr Naveed senior position and influence in the hospital, no action was taken against him and Masooma was fired instead.

Masooma then sought help from the media. Some news channels such as Aaj and Bol TV aired her story. Dr Naveed, seeing that his name was being maligned on TV, went to Masooma’s husband and told him supposed tales of her ‘bad character’ and termed her as a ‘loose woman’.

Masooma’s husband divorced her there and then even though she was pregnant with their fourth child.

Now unemployed and divorced Masooma once again field a complaint of workplace harassment against Dr. Naveed. This time around the hospital did form a committee to hear her complaint but the committee didn’t carry out a thorough investigation. Witnesses and nurses who were also subjected to harassment at the hands of Dr Naveed were scared off and threatened that if they testified they would be fired. The committee then held Masooma guilty.

Justice has not been served and while Masooma still looks for a job and strives to make it in this harsh world, her predator is still enjoying the luxuries provided to him by his high position in society.


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  1. M.shahid January 23, 2021

    It is very shameful for justice and judiciary and also for whole society which belongs to thst.


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