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Incoming US President Biden To Give Citizenship Status To 11 Million ‘Illegal’ Immigrants

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United States President-elect Joe Biden, just a day before his inauguration, has unveiled his plan of reversing Donald Trump’s harsh immigration policies. Under the Biden administration, an estimated 11 million people living in the US ‘illegally’ will be given citizenship status.

This immigration bill is one of the first promises Biden had made while campaigning. The bill is said to be hundreds of pages long and will go onto the floor of the house and senate to be voted upon after Joe Biden comes into office.

Though this new bill will introduce more lenient policies for immigration, the process is still lengthy. Under the legislation, those living in the US as of Jan 1, 2021, without legal status will either have a five or three year procedure to finally attain US citizenship. The bill also is not as comprehensive and detailed as the ones implemented when Biden was vice residents during Obama’s term.


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  1. Xijiang January 20, 2021

    America is going to go dogs under sell-out Bisen Nancy and Kamla . These are ready to sell America to the highest bidder. Just deport every single illegal immigrants. And if their country of origin is not known, cage them un no man’s land in solitary cells till they tell their country of origin with details


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