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Govt Official Kills Wife, Sleeps Next To Body For Days In Balochistan

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A man from Naseerabad, Balochistan was booked by the police on the charges of killing his wife and 18-months-old daughter. The accused was identified as a grade 17 federal government employee Mujahid Ali.

InvestIgation into the case shows that he killed his daughter and wife so that he could get married again. The suspect confessed to strangling his wife and daughter. In his confession he also said that after killing his wife made his daughter sleep beside her mother’s dead body alongside him for two to three days. A few days later he took the child’s life too.

It was only after the stench got unbearable that he buried the body. To cover up the crime, he made up a story that both his wife and the daughter died of suffocation from a gas leak. Later he got himself admitted into a hospital saying that he had contracted coronavirus to escape suspicion.

However, his father in law didn’t buy the story and reported to the police that his son in law had killed his daughter and grandchild.


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